Who do YOU say I am?

Monday, March 21, 2022 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

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Jesus asked his disciples what people thought of him. Then he asked, “But who do YOU say I am?”  Funny how we avoid his question and settle for—or struggle with— opinions, doctrines and images of Jesus that the Church and others have cooked up. Jesus is a member of the Holy Trinity and also an intimate friend. He challenges and also comforts us. We experience him in many different ways.

As we approach Easter during this Lenten season, who is Jesus to you? How can you come to know a Jesus who is to true to scripture and Christian faith, authentic to your lived experience, and helpful in your spiritual life, who walks with you on your journey and helps you live deeply?

In this Day Apart Together which is part of our 2022 Lenten Series, we'll spend some time with various images and different ways of connecting, to create some sacred time and space for Jesus to emerge in your heart and reveal who he might be for you this Easter.

Registration Fee for the one-day event: $75
Or join us for our full three-part IN-PERSON Lenten Retreat Series.

Lenten Retreat Series:  Register for all three day apart retreats for ONLY $199 (a $26 savings!).  Our 2022 Lenten Retreat Series includes:

  • Taizé Lenten Retreat Day (Monday, March 7) with overnight retreat option
  • Who do YOU think I am?  (Monday, March 21)
  • Is There Any Word from the Lord...from Mary Magdalene or Philip or Thomas?  (Monday, April 4)  

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  • ONLINE Lenten Prayer Journey
  • IN-PERSON Good Friday Sunset Service
  • IN-PERSON Easter Sunrise Service

About the leader(s)

Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Steve Garnaas-Holmes  is a poet, songwriter and retired pastor of St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church in Acton, MA.  He writes daily reflections at unfoldinglight.net.  From 1973 to 2012 he wrote and performed with the Montana Logging and Ballet Company, a quartet that performed music and comedy around the country and occasionally on NPR’s Weekend Edition.