Is there any word from the Lord...or Mary Magdalene, Philip, or Thomas?

Monday, April 4, 2022 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

"Is there any word from the Lord?"  (Jeremiah 37:17)

This was the question addressed to the prophet Jeremiah.  As we consider the question today, do we find any answers from the non-canonical gospels?  As we approach the cross this Lenten season, this Day Apart Together Retreat will explore the message of Christ from the gospels of Mary Magdalene, Philip, and Thomas.  These three very different collections - different from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but also very different from one another - are a collection of sayings, a series of reflections on the sacraments, and a unique view of the role of women in the early church. Each of them offers an alternative view of Jesus and invites a new path to a closer relationship with him. 

Was there a word for the churches from these texts in the first three centuries?  Might there be a word for us in these strange times?  Is there a Lenten message as we approach Easter this year?

Registration Fee for the one-day event: $75
Or join us for our full three-part IN-PERSON Lenten Retreat Series.

Lenten Retreat Series:  Register for all three day apart retreats for ONLY $199 (a $26 savings!).  Our 2022 Lenten Retreat Series includes:

  • Taizé Lenten Retreat Day (Monday, March 7) with overnight retreat option
  • Who do YOU think I am?  (Monday, March 21)
  • Is There Any Word from the Lord...from Mary Magdalene or Philip or Thomas?  (Monday, April 4)  

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About the leader(s)

Mike Clark

Rev. Mike Clark is a retired pastor who has led many retreats at Rolling Ridge and elsewhere. During the last 15 years, he has taught classes on these gospels, led retreats on Thomas, and used these non-traditional texts in spiritual direction with individuals and small groups. Mike spent his last 17 years in ministry working with recovering addicts, and he is currently working on a book on the Gospel of Thomas and the Twelve Steps.  Mike has also been active in the peace and justice movement since 1965. His serious engagement with the Bible has led him to be part of the peace movement during the Vietnam era, work with William Sloane Coffin at Riverside Church on nuclear weapons issues, serve on the staff of Witness for Peace during the contra war in Nicaragua, document social experiments in Venezuela and elsewhere, and along the way commit civil disobedience some 14 times as one part of his work. He believes the prophet Jeremiah can offer honesty, hope, and a reality check during difficult times.