Listening Collective

 The Rolling Ridge Listening Collective is a gathering of kindred hearts connecting with God, the Source of Life, ourselves, and all creation.  As a professional organization, we enrich the art and skills of deep listening, share practices, stories, and resources, and feel the warmth of peer-led support and encouragement in the life-giving vocation of soul companioning.

We invite spiritual directors, companions, deep listeners, and others who have a vocation of listening to join the Listening Collective.  Click here for a downloadable brochure.   Click here to apply online.

 Apply for membership in the Listening Collective by September 15th, and receive $20 off full membership for this inaugural year!  

We offer programs and events to strengthen the ministry of contemplative listening.

Click here for all programs offered by the Listening Collective.

For more information, please email our Program Director.