With the warmth of summer now upon us and all of Earth coming alive, we are in a season that sings of "viriditas."  "Viriditas" is a Latin term coined by Hildegard von Bingen, a 12th Century Christian mystic, to describe the "greening," the lushness, the vitality, the growth, the creative beauty in nature that is then echoed in our spiritual and physical lives as a reflection of the expansive abundance of God. 

In this week's "Take Your Time Tuesday" video, Samantha McCune introduces us to "viriditas" in a beautiful meditation that invites us to experience the lushness of God's presence in our own lives.  Click the thumbnail below to watch the video.


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Samantha McCune

Samantha McCune is an accomplished graduate student  whose passion for spirituality started when she was a young high school student. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious and Theological Studies from Merrimack College in 2018, and is ...