Sound Meditation

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With so much negative noise in the news, our spirits can easily grow weary and burdened.  Today, we invite you to take some time to listen to some healing sounds in our "Take Your Time Tuesday" video and to retune your soul so to hear the Divine.  Using a variety of instruments, sound healer, Janet Kessenich, reminds us that we can only handle the noise outside through inner silence as we nurture listening as a spiritual practice.  

With summer now just days away, Janet will encourage listening as a spiritual practice in an upcoming ONLINE retreat to celebrate the solstice.  Nature’s rhythms and seasonal cycles provide a grounding and stabilizing base for our spirits to connect with the Divine. We invite you to step into summer's radiance at "The Turning of the Seasons" on Thursday, June 18th from 1:00-2:30 pm.



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Janet Kessenich

Janet Kessenich, M.M. leads thoughtful, interactive, experiential workshops and retreats that connect participants with what brings meaning, purpose, satisfaction and empowerment into their lives. A holistic sound and energy healer, Janet uses the ...