Aramaic Lord's Prayer

While many of us grew up reciting the Lord's Prayer, there is more to its meaning than trust in God's daily provision.  When understood and prayed in its original Aramaic, the language of Jesus, the Lord's Prayer yields astonishingly fresh insights into the nature of God, prayer, creation and human’s role in it.  The Lord's Prayer is really not to be "recited" as much as it is to be "chanted", attuning to the Divine vibration of God.

 In this week's Take Your Time Tuesday video, Douglas Koch leads a chant with singing bowls of the first word of the Lord's Prayer, "Abwoon," followed by Jean Chandler explaining the fullness of the meaning of "Abwoon." 

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Jean Chandler

Jean Chandler is a  retired college teacher of cognitive psychology and second language acquisition.  She has long done lots of reading about theology and has had a regular meditation practice for more than a dozen years.  The Old Cambridge Baptist ...

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Douglas Koch

Douglas T. Koch, B.D., M.Mus., taught music performance, philosophy, religion, world musics and sound healing at Curry College in Milton, MA for 35 years.  A lifelong performer/composer of liturgical jazz and Third Stream, he continues to explore the...