How are you preparing for Christmas?

How are you preparing for Christmas?

Christmas ads have already begun with holiday sales and decorations filling the stores.  While much of Christmas preparation is commercialized window dressing, the season of Advent is the spiritual preparation of our hearts to welcome the Christ of Christmas.

This Advent season, we invite you to prepare for Christmas with Rolling Ridge.

With all that is happening in the world these days, we might not know how to be present to the festivities and celebrations, the sadness and the fears. One way to navigate the season’s paradoxical fullness this year is to hit the pause button and experience the spiritual practice of savoring. We invite you to join us ONLINE on Thursday evening, November 30th as John Kiemele teaches us the beauty of savoring which widens our space, sharpens our attention, and reconnects us to meaning. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, these 2 hours from 7-9 pm eastern will change your perspective as December begins.  

Amid the busyness of the season, we invite you to take time each week to settle into the quiet and prepare your heart for Christmas on our Advent Prayer Journey.  Each Sunday during the weeks of Advent (beginning December 3rd and including Christmas Eve and New Years Eve), we will offer ONLINE reflections and contemplative sharing at the Vesper Hour from 6:00 to 7:00 pm eastern. "Advent through the Eyes of Mary: Readings for the Advent Season" by Lynn Modranski will be our guide this season.  Even if you do not follow the daily devotional guide and may need to miss a week or two, the sessions will be recorded as a refuge for your spirit during the upcoming holy days.

On Tuesday, December 5th, we invite you to join us ONSITE at the Ridge for our annual Advent Quiet Day.  Step away from all that is going on and embrace the waiting and settling in as you take time to breathe in the hope, joy, peace and love that this time of Advent offers.  Nativity scenes from around the world will focus the prayer stations with reflections, Christmas stories, items to create, coloring pages and mandalas to capture your feelings and reflections of the day.  Given our Advent Prayer Journey focus on Mary, particular attention will be given to see "Advent through the eyes of Mary."  

Come for just the day, OR extend your get away to the Ridge with an overnight, before or after the Advent Quiet Day or both nights!  (Please note that there is a separate registration login to add an overnight to the Advent Quiet Day.) 

Whether you decorate your home or not this holiday season, be sure to fill your soul with the rest and beauty of Christ by preparing for Christmas with Rolling Ridge.