Lamenting Loss & Celebrating Life in the Neighborhood

Thursday, March 2, 2023 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM

"Lamenting Loss and Celebrating Life in the Neighborhood" is follow-up to our September Listening Wide spiritual companioning enrichment event on justice-informed deep listening in our communities, and is part of our series on Deep Listening in the Neighborhood.

In this ONLINE workshop, we will consider: How do we honor lament and pain? How does lament open us to deeper celebration?  These 3 hours of deep listening will introduce us to the connections of lament and celebration.

The four events in our Deep Listening in the Neighborhood series include:

Cost is $49 for each online session.

Do you hear it? Voices from every corner of current culture seem to be intensifying, calling for reliable, life-giving companions to help navigate relentless injustices, deconstructions, and upheavals. Pick the context and the need for deep listening is there. The call for deep listeners/spiritual directors has never been greater. The work of deep listeners/spiritual directors has never been more stretching.

Our Deep Listening in the Neighborhood series introduces the timely, wider work of being a justice-informed listening presence beyond the traditional one-on-one conversations held in personalized settings into the dynamic swirl of our surrounding “neighborhoods.” How does context impact the practice of being present? How might attention to our neighborhoods sharpen and stretch our call as deep listeners? Join us for large and small group interactions, along with personal reflection, as we experience “Listening Together.”

About the leader(s)

Heidi Miller

With more than 20 years in academic and non-profit settings, Heidi A Miller, Ph.D., serves as Associate Professor of Spirituality and Christian Ministry at Mercer University in Atlanta. Her areas of teaching, research, and writing focus on transformative leadership, spirituality, transition and trauma, justice, and worship. Heidi designs and facilitates curriculum in spiritual direction and soul tending in one-on-one, small group, community, congregational, and organizational contexts.