Earth Day 2020 is beckoning you...

Your special invitation pulls at your heart strings . . . to attend a Labyrinth Day Apart Retreat . . . Your heart wants to be part and parcel of Kicking off the 2020 Earth Day Week activities . . . As those protesters in 1970 did for us . . . Heed the call . . . We owe it to ourselves and future generations . . . Become inspired and inspire others to get involved in our planet’s recovery . . .  Saturday April 18, 2020 9:30am - 3:30pm
Let us walk the Labyrinth as ONE,
     Feeling the earth under our feet,
And hearing the heart beat of Mother Earth.
     Thoughts to ponder arise;
 earth, air, water, fire
 conservation, reduce, landfills, reuse

We have come to a sacred site for guidance,
     To find our place with this global issue,
Trees provide strength, rocks attend our steps,
     More thoughts to ponder:
 ecology, habitat, preserve, rainforest
 endangered, wetlands, sanctuaries

We walk to the left, then turn to the right,
     Concentric circles delivering light,
Together we arrive at the center as One,
     Deeper thoughts to ponder:
 responsibility, protection, wildlife, extinction
 oxygen, mountains, smog, ecosystem

The discussions to follow are sure to be inspiring. I can hardly wait to meet you all.
Throughout the day there will be interactive discussions and time to create your personal planet focused finger labyrinth to take home and share.
We stand united ... to do our part ... to make a difference ... to save our planet ... because:
 “The future depends on what we do in the present.” Gandhi

Be mindful of weather in April in New England. Come, get involved, be grateful for Earths gifts.

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Dorothy Wright-Irwin

Dorothy Wright-Irwin was introduced to labyrinths by one of her professors at North Shore Community College, while at a five day convention in Vermont. There were three temporary labyrinths set up on the grounds for the attendees to explore. Dorothy ...