Awakening: Gifts of Spring Equinox

As the days become longer I am energized by nature .... can I be still with the lake, the trees, the bird,  and not want to identify and know names?   Can I just be with, and be nurtured?

As far back as I can remember, I have been energized and nurtured by nature; whether this be in my kayak on a quiet or windy lake, watching a loon pop up on the water, or following deer tracks in my snow shoes.  I feel renewed, like the deer searching for running waters. Encountering God, I am nurtured. 

Join with me as together, we discover our loving God in the gift of Creation.

Denise Turcotte, csc

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Denise Turcotte, csc

Denise Turcotte, csc is a Sister of Holy Cross and resides in Manchester, NH. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Environmental Education from Antioch New England. She taught Environmental Science and Intro to Earth Science at Notre Dame College, ...