Weekly on Wednesday 8:45 AM to 9:45 AM

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Wild Yoga = Green Exercise.

Green Exercise is a term used to describe how exercising in nature benefits our emotional well-being. Twenty years of studies have found that exercising in green spaces (or a beach, mountain top, etc) magnifies the general benefits of exercise, reducing stress and boosting our mood. Add in sunlight, essential oils in the air, good bacteria in soil, the effect of birdsong on our brain... Suffice to say, Green Exercise extra beneficial for our physical and mental health.

Each Wild Yoga class will consist of a 50 min gentle flow connecting our breath with fluid movement to warm, open and lengthen our bodies... all while absorbing the rich sights, sounds and smells of the nature that surrounds us. Class level will have an intermediate focus, so some knowledge of yoga will be helpful. All levels are welcome and plenty of pose options will be offered.

Classes will be held on the sprawling, sun-soaked Rolling Ridge lawn, in front of the mansion, facing the lake, with a bald eagle's nest overhead. Anyone who prefers shade, no problem, there is plenty of shade, as well!

A 10 minute savanna at the end of the class, will aim to open our senses and bring a deeper connection with the natural world.

The main goal is to take time out of your day/week to quiet the busy mind, stir up some feel-good energy and gratitude, and to have an appointment with life!

DETAILS: Wednesdays, 9/6 - 10/4 from 8:45 - 9:45 am
at Rolling Ridge Retreat and Conference Center, 660 Great Pond Rd, North Andover

Cost for the 5-class package: $75

  • Please bring a yoga mat that you don't mind using on the earth.
  • Keep in mind... some mornings may be cool, some may be humid, but with the right layers it will all feel fantastic!
  • If class is postponed due to weather, we will keep adding Wednesday mornings until we complete 5.
  • You will receive an email from Christine with a few reminders before the first class.
  • Your instructor, Christine Cohne, is YTT200 trained through Yoga Farm in Ithaca, NY

Wild Yoga is an eco-partnership event with Nature's Pace and Rolling Ridge. 
For more on Nature's Pace and Christine Cohne, check out this blog article: FINDING FEARLESSNESS: Keeping Pace with nature and Christine Cohne (rollingridge.org)


About the leader(s)

Christine Cohne

Christine grew up in Lexington, MA where her first memories of the woods were playing “adventure games” with her brothers and neighbors in the forest behind their house. Climbing trees, building forts, running down hills, and coming in for dinner tired and dirty. 

Now residing in North Andover, MA this type of play reflects how Christine and her husband like to spend family time with their two kids: camping, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, beach combing, pond skating and cooking dinners over an open fire… to name a few of their favorite activities.

As a former teacher at the Family Cooperative Preschool in North Andover, program director for The Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe and First Descents Kayaking Camp for Young Adults with Cancer in Colorado, Christine’s passion for youth programming, love of the great outdoors, and recognition of the importance of “nature time”, have all been married within Nature’s Pace. 

In 2021, Christine earned her certification as a Forest Therapy Guide with The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT). After reading the book Nature Fix, by Florence Williams, a few years earlier, Christine became intrigued by the practice of Forest Bathing. Whether in the ocean or forest, desert or mountains, interacting with the natural world has always filled Christine with a sense of light and purpose. Christine’s journey to become a Forest Therapy guide has led to cultivating a deeper sense of wellbeing within herself and with the more-than-human-world. Through Nature’s Pace, she hopes to support wellness discoveries for others by opening the doors of the forest.