Falling Upward while Running with Wolves

Thursday, October 17, 2019 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

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As Retreat Leader, Lee Ireland  was working on a  retreat on chapter 3 of Clarissa  Estés masterpiece, “Women who Run with Wolves,” she felt that something was incomplete. At that time, she was also teaching Rohr’s masterpiece, “Falling Upward,” in her local church setting. She could see that if she wove together their concluding insights, she could lead the group to a neat conclusion, as Rohr and Estés  complemented each other. It truly added a great dimension to the retreat.   Now she is offering another retreat that will intentionally  engage attendees to work with these messages and apply them to their own lives for greater insights into their personal choices, and also to help them learn skills with the hope they can  get closer to claiming their authentic voices.
Rohr and Estés come from unique upbringings and cultures and they each came to moments when they knew they weren’t at peace with how they were living their lives. During their spiritual journeys, they learned how to listen within for their own voices and that of the Spirit, so they could detach from the voices of their past that were constrictive and be transformed by the voice of love calling them forward and diminish the power of the voice of fear to stay as they were. New life began to unfold for each of them and they thankfully had the ability to then begin to teach this wisdom to others.

About the leader(s)

Lee Ireland

Rev. Lee A. Ireland is a full-time Interim Pastor.  She was trained as a pastor at Andover Newton Theological Seminary and trained as a Spiritual Director at Mercy Center, Madison, CT.  Since 1990, she has been leading retreats and serving churches.  She has worked in a women's prison and has served per diem in hospital chaplaincy. She is well aware of how life throws us curve balls and the importance of listening and following our faith journeys to learn how to maintain our centers as we walk with our God.