Walking Beside Thomas: Exploring an ancient source of Wisdom & Change

Monthly on the 2nd Wednesday 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

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The Gospel of Thomas is an ancient source of wisdom and change.  Newly discovered and not a part of our canon, Thomas’ gospel gives us an approach to old wisdom without our having to accept old dogma.  The gospel speaks to us directly about the losses and gains of our lives.  Guiding us with heart knowledge, Thomas’ Jesus shows us how to face our addictions to ego, perfection, control, and other distractions.  The gospel ‘works if you work it.’

For this series, our resource will be Ron Miller’s book The Gospel of Thomas–A Guidebook for Spiritual Practice.  A comment from Rabbi Rami Shapiro:  “Ron Miller’s masterful guidebook to Thomas prepares the soil of the reader’s soul that Jesus’ words take root and create shelter.  This is a book to read and, more importantly, to implement.”

We invite you to join us for this monthly Zoom cohort group which will offer encouragement in spiritual growth and practice.  Six sessions will meet ONLINE on the second Wednesday of the month, 7 pm to 8:30 pm, from November through April, with a final gathering in May for a weekend retreat (more information on registration will be forthcoming).  

Although there is no charge for our online Thomas Circle, your generous donation allows the Ridge to continue offering spiritually inspiring events to connect all people, God, and creation as we create safe and sacred space for deep listening and spiritual companionship. Thanks for your support! Registration is still required.

About the leader(s)

Mike Clark

Mike Clark has an affinity for The Gospel of Thomas that is contagious. He is a retired pastor living in Northampton MA. For the last 17 years (2002-2019) of his active ministry, he spent much of his time learning from those who were battling addiction and seeking transformed lives. His first book, Loitering with Intent, published in 2021, describes these years. For the last dozen years, actively engaging with Thomas -- teaching classes, utilizing it in counseling and spiritual direction, and leading many retreats for individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, Mike has come to believe that a heart connection with this gospel can change the way we view ourselves, our relationship to our Higher Power and indeed our understanding of Jesus.

Sandra LaPerche

Sandra LaPerche is a seeker who uses mandalas as part of her spiritual practice. A wanderer in search of center and wholeness–connected through Presence–and contained in community, she is retired from a career in health care and now serves as a volunteer for English at Large and is a Stephen Minister.