Emily Kearns

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Reiki Master, Emily Kearns, PhD, is the founder of Reiki Well-Being and offers Reiki in a variety of settings, including ZOOM and phone calls, in response to living in this challenging time when we need stress reduction, healing, and connection more than ever. Emily offers and teaches Reiki to help you calm your nervous system to increase your capacity to heal yourself and to help others.

Emily has been part of Boston's Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital's Integrative Medicine Program as a Reiki volunteer since 2017.  At the hospital, Emily receives positive feedback from patients, families, and staff, indicating that Reiki is helping them manage stress, anxiety, and pain. 

Emily offers Reiki as a relaxation, wellness, and self-care technique in community sites, such as the YMCA and senior residences, as well as in your home.  She also incorporates Reiki into her dementia-related caregiver supports and programming.  Emily invites you to join her in experiencing, Reiki Well-Being!  For more information, call: 978-604-0830 or email: info@reikiwell-being.com

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