Money and Mission

Sometimes I hear leaders talk about having enough resources for their mission projects or church ministry.  More often, leaders and parishioners worry about money and inadvertently undermine the mission efforts or envisioned ministries they yearn to create.  I wrote Church Finances for Missional Leaders to address the unhealthy ways we talk about money (or don’t talk about money) and to provide all church leaders with basic financial knowledge in order to lead with confidence and courage.

I believe every person has the capacity to learn how to understand the financial responsibilities of a church and effective ways to support our favorite mission projects. And, it is highly likely that the way we manage our personal finances and our relationship with money impacts our professional stewardship and financial management.  What if we could change our relationship with money and then inspire others to experience joyful generosity?

Our church member’s, donor’s and supporter’s enthusiasm and generosity are impacted by our financial stewardship practices. Too often, we forget others are watching our behavior and systems in order to figure out whether they can trust us.  We must recognize that the integrity of our financial systems and procedures directly correlates to the generosity of our ministry allies and church members.  The best fundraiser we can conduct is to ensure our stewardship of the gifts others bless us with are treated with loving care and integrity. This will require self-assessment, honesty and integrity, as well as learning and implementing best practices.

Our mission and world-changing visions deserve our best efforts and wise stewardship. Join us as we explore best practices that inspire the confidence and generosity of our ministry partners – and funders!  

Money and Mission, Day Apart Retreat on Thursday, October 17, 2019, 9:30am-3:30pm



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Bonnie Marden

Bonnie Marden facilitates and teaches groups to confront conflict and discover constructive energy for growth, discipleship/stewardship and healing.  Her training encompasses mediation, intervention and dialogue skills which she loves teaching in ...