ISHA Healing Touch 2020 Cohort

Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry(HTSM) has become a vital ministry at St. John's UMC in Dover, NH. Seven of our members are trained in this program and they participate as members of our healing ministry team. For our congregation, we offer simple laying on of hands, anointing and prayer on communion Sundays. In our new healing room we also provide more extensive prayerful time using healing techniques as the participant lays on a massage table. Congregants have been helped with anxiety, pain, migraines, pre-op preparation and post-op recovery, spiritual insights and other requests as needed. We have had healing services in the past and plan to resume them with Healing Touch sessions offered afterward.

As part of our outreach, we also provide HTSM at Hope on Haven Hill, a group home program for women who are pregnant and who have substance use issues. The women are delighted when we come there two times a month. They are able to receive some internal peace in the form of anxiety and pain relief at the very least. It is a time when they can receive God's healing compassion flowing through us and they tell us that it makes a big difference. We plan to expand our outreach to Abi's Place which is the aftercare location for these women to integrate themselves back into life and work.

The training starts with the history of healing in the church and how it has been lost along with learning simple laying on of hands with anointing and prayer. The next three classes teach more extensive forms of healing techniques with the client on a massage table with the final class focusing on the art of listening to spiritual guidance. We learn to listen deeply about where to place our hands and what God might be saying to us as the practitioner. The client learns to embody themselves and God more deeply resulting in healing in body, mind and spirit. Integrated throughout the program are many meditations that can also be used in a variety of settings. HTSM can be used in churches, retreat settings, on mission trips, and in any setting in the community where healing is needed. The outreach potential is endless!
Members of our first cohort finished in September and they witnessed much healing during their time in training. Won't you join us in 2020 for the next cohort in residence training in HTSM at Rolling Ridge? We start on January 31-February 2. So sign up soon and get ready to be a healing presence in the world. Certificates of completion are given for each session and nurses can get contact hours. You will be blessed and you will be a blessing to others.


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Jana Marie Whitten

 Jan Whitten,  Deaconess– APRN, MS, HTCP, HTSM-CP/I   Jan, also known as Jana Marie, is a holistic nurse with almost 40 years of experience working with adults in  acute care, home care, nursing education, and mental health. She maintains a private ...