When someone we love dies, we may feel as if we are suddenly in a starkly new territory, a place of deep sorrow, regret and longing.  We may wonder how we can go on living without them. We may not know where, when and how we can truly, mourn this loss.

After the death of my youngest daughter, I found solace in places and times of natural beauty and stillness. I learned much about the often incredibly lonely path of grief. Out of this personal experience of heart shattering loss I created safe space for people to explore and perhaps share their grief with others.

This Time Apart Retreat at Rolling Ridge is an opportunity to spend a day, and even an overnight or two, in peaceful, beautiful surroundings; a place where one’s grief is acknowledged and held with compassion and tenderness.

Throughout the day there will be opportunities, but none are obligatory, to explore and tend to your loss through ---art, music, movement or simply quiet time for writing or reading by the fire. Participants don’t have to DO anything, just BE in the presence of Nature along with others who know of heartache and sorrow. One can arrange  (ahead of time) for a massage or simply wander the wooded trails , walk the labyrinth, or sit by the shore of the Great Pond.

Participants will be under the guidance of a professional, nurse therapist who is a trained group facilitator and grief counselor.

Perhaps you know someone who has experienced the death of a loved one , someone you think may benefit from this special day, or maybe this becomes a gift you give them .Please feel free to share with others about this special event.




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Anita Pandolfe Ruchman

Anita Pandolfe Ruchman RN, MSN, has been a healing arts practitioner for over 40 years. She has a private practice in Rockport, Ma. called A Tender Place ~ mind, body, spirit therapy  Anita is a psychotherapist, midwife, body and breath-worker and ...