Balance.  With all that presses upon us, many of us seek balance, a place where we are centered, that spiritual space where we can hold together the blessings and challenges of 2020 and find peace.  In this week's Take Your Time Tuesday video, author and retired pastor, Steve Garnaas-Holmes, offers us the Examen as a spiritual practice to find balance and embrace a greater consciousness of the situations in our life.

Based in Ignatian spirituality, the Examen asks us to be aware of moments of light and dark, gratefulness and regret, consolation and desolation, and without judgement, to notice them and to move on.  It is a simple practice to find peace in a complex and ever changing world.

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Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Steve Garnaas-Holmes  is a poet, songwriter and retired pastor. He writes daily reflections at unfoldinglight.net.  From 1973 to 2012 he wrote and performed with the Montana Logging and Ballet Company, a quartet that performed music and comedy around...