Embodied Gratefulness

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In this week's "Take Your Time Tuesday" video, John Kiemele offers us the spiritual practice of Embodied Gratefulness to help us live into the now and to celebrate the blessings of God in this present moment.  When we begin to feel gratitude through the fullness of our body, we wake up to the Divine Presence of God in and around us now.  We encourage you to slow down, click the link for the video, and take time for yourself to be centered in God and to be thankful.  May this practice become part of your daily spiritual routine so you do not grow weary and lose hope.


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John Kiemele

From the Upper Great Plains to the urban shores of the Pacific Northwest to the New England Seacoast John Kiemele has assisted individuals, small groups, classrooms and congregations with intentional soul care.  John is a wellbeing educator and ...