Vulnerability and Cruciformity

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We live in a hurried, polarized, and fearful time. Our natural instinct is to react with hardness, protection, and isolation. Yet, both modern psychology and sound Christian theology beckon us to do the opposite: live life with arms wide open. As Brené Brown would say, "Live vulnerably." Let your life be cruciform: taking the very shape of Jesus' own life and even his cross and resurrection.

Join Dr. Elizabeth Woodard, Ph.D., Catholic theologian and spiritual director, for a two-part post-Easter ONLINE retreat that will focus on how to live with open hearts during a time such as this. We will investigate vulnerability as it is presented in the work of psychological researcher Dr. Brené Brown, and we will investigate cruciformity as it is presented in the Christian theological tradition. These two, very different scholastic approaches seem to call us to quite similar ends.

Join us for this opportunity to consider your spiritual and psychological life and how they connect.

As Lent transitions into the joy of the Easter season, we will experience together the joy and resurrection that can come from opening one's arms in the vulnerable shape of cruciformity.

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About the leader(s)

Elizabeth Woodard

Dr. Elizabeth Woodard is a unity hopeful; her ministry is focused on healing the divisions that exist among Christians, between humans and God, and within ourselves. She is a lay Catholic theologian and spiritual director. She holds a Ph.D. in systematic theology from the Catholic University of America as well as a Master of Sacred Music and Master of Divinity from Boston University. She is the author of Cruciform Ecumenism: The Intersection of Ecclesiology, Episcopacy, and Apostolicity from a Catholic Perspective. Her writing, as well as information about meeting one-on-one with her as a spiritual director or hiring her to speak at your parish, can be found at She is also a sacred musician, composing liturgical music and serving as the director of the Regis College Alumni Chorus. She is a Massachusetts native and, with her husband, is preparing to welcome her first child, a daughter, this May.