Tune Up Your Spirit

Monday, September 23, 2019 9:30 AM to Tuesday, April 16, 2019 3:30 PM

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Aligned with the Divine,   centered in your heart, expressing your Essence. You know how you want to show up, but navigating our complicated lives challenges us to stay in tune with that intention, to remain harmonious within and without.
This workshop draws inspiration from musical experiences and principles to enrich our spiritual lives and get us “in tune.”
You’ll discover:
  • The power of rest and silence to renew and restore
  • The poignancy of living from a heart-centered space
  • How to modulate thoughts and beliefs for personal growth
Strengthen your spirituality through a tapestry of self-exploration, group discussion, sound healing, and musical experiences that will deepen your connection with your Essence and inspire you to live a more insightful, meaningful, and satisfying life.
Leave feeling inspired, tuned in to who you really are.

No musical background necessary. Bring a notebook or journal.

About the leader(s)

Janet Kessenich

Janet Kessenich, M.M. leads thoughtful, interactive, experiential workshops and retreats that connect participants with what brings meaning, purpose, satisfaction and empowerment into their lives. A holistic sound and energy healer, Janet uses the essence of music – calibrated vibration – with clients and workshop participants to in a sense, tune them to their most aligned way of being. Her Tune Up Your Spirit workshops are based on her book, Music Lessons for the Spirit, a collection of essays drawn from the spiritual/life lessons she learned as a pianist. www.spiralenergies.com