Spiritually Homeless

Sunday, November 12, 2023 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

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The path toward spiritual unity, though not easy can place us in a faith practice that is no longer part of the traditional church practices and prayers. God is no longer "out there" to be prayed to but in-dwelling and to be experienced and incarnated through us. The hymns about being saved and that deify and separate Jesus from humanity no longer spark that sense of awe they once did. In this journey we can often feel as if we are alone in the desert.

This one-day program will focus on our unique experiences of the Divine and celebrate the many ways in which we can lift each other up in our unitive journeys. We will offer some different worship practices and find new and beautiful ways to come together as the many parts of one body in faith. Participants will come together to design a final worship celebration to end our time together.

Registration Fee: $79 for the day, including lunch.

About the leader(s)

Kris Girrell

Kris Girrell is an author, speaker and leadership coach who has presented a TEDx talk and has written two books on the dark night experience (Wrestling the Angel and Stations in the Night). He holds a Master’s degree in Theological Research from Andover Newton and advanced degrees in Psychology and Counselling from Penn State University. He and his wife Sarah founded and operate a charity, Operation ELF, for the past 22 years, where he still serves as the event manager and as a member of the Board of Directors. Kris has been a program presenter at Rolling Ridge and is a member of the Ridge’s Board of Directors, co-chair of the Program Subcommittee and the Faculty Liaison for the outside presenters of the Ridge’s Day Apart series.