Reclaim the Ecstatic Cry! Living the Prayer of Jesus: 8 Week Study of the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic

Weekly 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

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Imagine with me . . . sitting on a hill far away, over two thousand years ago, listening to a man called Jesus when someone asked, “Lord, teach us to pray.” And he answered, in Aramaic, with what we know today as the Lord’s Prayer. On this 8–week journey, we’ll go back together to hear the original words for ourselves and, in doing so, reach new depths of understanding and receive the true essence of Jesus’ message.

But disclaimer! This is only the beginning! For just as the early disciples discovered, reciting the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic ignites a spark—a spark that awakens a remembrance of our innate divinity as children of the living God. And as this remembrance begins to resound in the silent chambers of our heart, the prayer begins to inform every aspect of daily life. Nothing is the same. We’ve been set afire by love everlasting and left undone and now can only release our own involuntary, ecstatic cry. This is what it means to pray! So, on this special journey through the prayer in Aramaic, prepare to be surprised, delighted and, perhaps, even challenged. As one nun of over thirty years exclaimed after one workshop, “I’ve said the Our Father every day for over thirty years. And, now, I’ll never say it the same way again!”

This workshop is based on my book, Living the Prayer of Jesus: A Study of the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic (available on Amazon). Recommended but not required as I’ll be providing supplemental handouts. Each week, you’ll learn a line of the prayer and we’ll use suggested questions for reflection to guide our sharing. You’ll also enjoy access to audio teaching recordings of the prayer to use as you may desire.

Come and re-discover the prayer of Jesus.
Just perhaps, the prayer will leave you not where you began—joyously exclaiming your own ecstatic cry!

Registration Fee: $75

About the leader(s)

Stephanie Rutt

Rev. Dr. Stephanie Rutt was founding Minister of the Tree of Life Interfaith Temple in Milford, NH, director of the Tree of Life School for Sacred Living and creator of the Tree of Life Interfaith Seminary. Through the School for Sacred Living she has offered numerous sacred studies courses, classes and workshops locally as well as to national conferences sponsored by World AWAKE (formally The World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy) and the Haden Institute. She has appeared on the TEDx stage and is the author of five books including, Living the Prayer of Jesus: A Study of the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic released by Wipf and Stock Publishers. All of her work seeks to embody unity within diversity, reveal how the great spiritual truths show up everywhere in daily experience, and to awaken an unchecked ecstatic cry for the One called by many names.

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