Mindful Walking: Appreciation of Each Step

Monday, May 11, 2020 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

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Mindful Walking is a practice of lifting, placing, shifting, and noticing; perhaps looking at walking as a whole and unique experience. With this practice, we learn to bring the focal attention to the feet. Walking very slowly with deliberate intention, we pick up one foot, place it in front of the other, noticing the shifting weight, then bringing the same attention to the other foot. Like a child learning to walk, we take each step as if it was our first.

Mindful Walking is experiential learning. As we practice, how grateful we feel and how appreciative of our feet we become. By paying attention to the act of walking, we become mindful that our feet support and carry us day in and day out, from here to there, up and down stairs, and all the while we seldom give thought to the miracle they perform.   Experience a new joy in everyday walking.

Part of the Mindfulness Series:

Mindfulness  means being present in each moment, exactly the way it is, without  judging the experience but rather investigating it with curiosity.
In this Mindfulness 3 part series, we will dive deeper into the understanding of habitual life patterns, how they are formed and why they arise.

We will question habitual  patterns of eating.

We will gain appreciation for body movement and our feet.

We will notice communication breakdown due to habitual reactions of speaking and “not really listening”. 

Bringing attention to these practices helps us slow down and become filled with gratitude for the action we are doing rather than the emotional experience.  These practices are just some of many ways to bring Mindfulness into our daily lives and it’s more important to practice embodying them rather than just “doing” them.  During each of these retreats, you will learn to notice when  you are living on auto pilot and when you’re really living in the moment.  Whether you come to just one or all three in the series, you will discover the difference in living fully and uncover what is hindering “real life experiences”. 

Individual Retreats cost $70 per person.
Two Retreats:  $130 per person ( SAVE $10) 
Register for all three:  $175 (SAVE $35) 

About the leader(s)

Marie Rudzinsky

Marie has been studying, practicing and living mindfully for over 10 years.  She has helped many people with MS, and runs mindfulness programs at Lake Quanapowitt in Wakefield, MA and surrounding areas.  As a retreat facilitator, Marie  will guide the group providing wisdom, experience and compassionate support.
She is also qualified to teach the MBSR (Mind, Body Stress Reduction) program and trained with the UMass Center for Mindfulness Medical School.