Learning the Shamanic “Journey” Meditation

Sunday, August 6, 2023 9:15 AM to 4:30 PM

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If you find the Divine in Nature, if you are inspired through Nature, if Spirit-led is your wish, then the “Journey” meditation may fit just right for you.  The Shamanic, nature-based, and Spirit-focused Journey works to open your experience to the “Ocean of Spirits” within which we all live. Through it you can meet your helping spirits, teachers, angels, totem spirits, and guardians and find guidance, wisdom, and healing for you, the community, and the earth.  Traditionally, the Journey is accompanied and deepened by rhythmic drumming or rattling and guided by the journeyer’s intention.

The day will be primarily experiential and moving for you, with optional sharing, reflection, journaling, and teaching about the history, world view, and technique of this practice.  Shamanic journeying is not a religion, but literally a spirituality, even a mysticism.  Your Journeys can connect you to Spirit-in-Nature and compliment your other spiritual practices.

Cost: $79 for the day, including lunch

Suggested arrival: 9am for a 9:15 am start.

Please bring the following 4 items: 1-a pen and notebook 2-a blanket and small pillow 3-a drum and/or a rattle, if you have one (if not, Paul will have some to lend for the day.) 4-a handkerchief or eye bag

About the leader(s)

Paul McCormick

Paul McCormick, PhD is a licensed Psychologist in private practice.  He has a PhD is Pastoral Psychology and Counseling and an MA is Theology and Spirituality.  He is married and lives in Beverly, MA.  In addition to psychotherapy, he has taught spirituality courses, directed retreats—both Ignatian and Shamanic, and taught meditation practice.