How would Jeremiah vote?

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

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HWJV? (How Would Jeremiah Vote?)
The answer is with his whole self. After struggling with his connection to his Higher Power, after facing honestly the unsettling claims of justice on his life, after coming to terms with his love/hate relationship with his people and his nation, and after acknowledging the cost to himself. This retreat will focus attention on the meaning of this rich resource for our own decisions in this challenging year of our own history. Jeremiah's words will invite us to respond from our heart and soul rather than analyze from our mind.
We invite you to extend your time at the Ridge with an overnight retreat.  Join us on President's Day,  February 17th as Lawrence Jay leads,  “Being Presidentially Present: A Day of Contemplative Prayer & Conversation about our Nation’s Leadership”. Come for both Monday and Tuesday Day Apart retreats, enjoy Monday dinner, your overnight stay in a private room and breakfast on Tuesday.  Cost: $199 per person

About the leader(s)

Mike Clark

Mike Clark  is the Recovery Outreach Worker of the Belmont-Watertown United Methodist Church. In semi-retirement after 40 years of full-time ministry, Mike spends all of his time now with those battling addictions and seeking a transformed life. In recent years he has utilized the Gospel of Thomas in spiritual direction with individuals, taught classes in several different settings, led retreats on Thomas for church folks and recovering addicts, and has come to view it as a "fifth Gospel," an inviting and challenging text which complements the Four at the heart of our tradition.