Finding Peace Within

Every 2 weeks 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

How do we live with the Unknown?  With the pandemic, we continue to be isolated from the world as we once knew it.  We've put future plans on hold and stopped right in our tracks.  Now, we must all ask the question, “What really matters?”

Come join Marie Rudzinsky for 4 sessions to learn about healthy alternatives which offer us the right to choose.  We will be diving deep inside the body with experiential practices, discovering and re-cording new ways to “just be”.  This includes routines to live our best versions of ourselves.  We will be forming “New Habits” allowing peace within.  

During each 3 hour session, we will dive deep inside the body with experiential practices exploring the mind body spirit connection.  Each week will be a different theme so please sign up in advance to receive your materials in time.

This ONLINE program is open to participants of all ages and/or those people with dis-abilities. Registration for this 4 session program is $100.  Individual sessions are $35 each.     ZOOM meeting ID will be emailed to you upon registration. 
Outline of the 4 sessions:                                           

  • Eating with Intention (September 10)
Mindful Eating means paying attention to what we put into our mouths and really enjoying it, savoring every bite, or not?  But, knowing what we are eating and being present with each bite.  Maybe, asking the question, “Is this good for my body?”  I love this program because it always gets us right back on track and the experiential learning that goes along with this is great. 
We will be learning some new healthy recipes for one full days meal plan including a chocolate cake with frosting, yes a healthy chocolate cake for desert  Please sign up early if you want to know what ingredients to buy and follow along or, you can just watch and take notes.  We will be using some essential oils in this class also as drinking lemon water daily can detox the liver and help kidneys stay healthy for peace of mind, especially for those on medications with side-affects.    
  • 2. Love Yourself without Judgment (September 24)
Have you ever asked the question, “Who am I?”  

And you didn’t have an answer? 

I think we are all asking a lot of questions like this now and we don’t know where to find the answers.  

In this session we will look at the world and how it is evolving into a place we are not familiar with.  WE will explore the inner mind, our likes and dislikes and how things used to be in relationship to the NOW.   How do we cope with change and do we expect things to return to normal, (whatever that may be)?

We will develop a routine and some safety precautions to help us feel protected.  We will experience emotional self-awareness and learn ways to support ourselves.  We will also look externally building an emergency kit for ourselves to help us feel more at ease knowing we can survive with basic needs.  Lets be happy we dedicated time to to first know what our needs are and then address them in order to release the worry and fear of the unknown finding inner peace.  
  • 3. Mindful Movement and Essential Oils (October 8)
Movement is essential for living a sustainable life and, essential oils can help us stay balanced and grounded as we work with our bodies in motion.   This class will help us create daily exercise routines and stretches while using oils that compliment these movements.    Bringing our mind and body together with our “scents” and sense of awareness as one, can keep us steady as we look at proprioception of the body.  (Where is my body in space?)   This practice allows us a great presence of being in the body, a place we can call home, finding our goodness, knowing we are giving ourselves a gift, locating peace within. 
  •  4. Mindfulness Practices & Benefits  (October 22)
“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way, moment to moment on purpose without judgement.”  Jon Kabat-Zinn.  

Living in the present moment is all about connecting the mind, body, spirit.   In other words, the way we think, our thoughts about the past, about the future and how we are feeling right now in the present moment.     Mindfulness is also about the sensations we feel in our body, how we relate to them and what comes up for us in the mind about these feelings?  Do they trigger us or bring us information that can be helpful?  Of course these are more experiential practices which may help reducing, stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, blood pressure and other ailments. This of course is an habitual practice that needs to be continued in order to see the benefits but its nice to know when we are feeling stressed about the state of the world, we can just take a breath and know we are OK, bringing us once again, peace of mind.  

About the leader(s)

Marie Rudzinsky

Marie has been studying, practicing and living mindfully for over 10 years.  She has helped many people with MS, and runs mindfulness programs at Lake Quanapowitt in Wakefield, MA and surrounding areas.  As a retreat facilitator, Marie  will guide the group providing wisdom, experience and compassionate support.
She is also qualified to teach the MBSR (Mind, Body Stress Reduction) program and trained with the UMass Center for Mindfulness Medical School.