Drawing on the Equinox: Creating and Maintaining Balance

Monday, September 14, 2020 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

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Are you someone who knows  the importance of balance but can’t seem to hold onto it in your life?  You are not alone!  Being able to stabilize and return to center is a challenge we face in the overly stimulating and sometimes chaotic energy we live in.  The upcoming Vernal Equinox, that point in nature when daylight and night are balanced, is the perfect time of year to contemplate your own balance.  You can then draw on nature’s balance, inviting it to be reflected within yourself to create stability and harmony. 

Join us for a day of exploration, healing, and restoration.  In this workshop:  

  • Discover and connect with a deep sense of centeredness and internal balance
  • Explore the inner and outer issues that get in the way of maintaining your equilibrium
  • Experience sound healing and energy work that will clear your field and make way for a healthier you
  • Practice consciousness tools and practical techniques to help you return to balance when life throws you off

Leave feeling renewed, centered, steady– Balanced!

About the leader(s)

Janet Kessenich

Janet Kessenich, M.M. leads thoughtful, interactive, experiential workshops and retreats that connect participants with what brings meaning, purpose, satisfaction and empowerment into their lives. A holistic sound and energy healer, Janet uses the essence of music – calibrated vibration – with clients and workshop participants to in a sense, tune them to their most aligned way of being. Her Tune Up Your Spirit workshops are based on her book, Music Lessons for the Spirit, a collection of essays drawn from the spiritual/life lessons she learned as a pianist. www.spiralenergies.com