Cultivating the Craft of Asking

Every 2 weeks 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM

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These times require courageous and professional leaders confident asking others for money.  This online workshop series strengthens the craft of cultivating financial support for ministry. Whether you are confident or terrified talking about money, the skills for cultivating donors and making professional asks are within your reach.  Discover and hone these leadership skills in a supportive learning community.

Cultivating the Craft of Asking  is a series of five online interactive workshops that are sequential, building upon each other, with action items each session.  Starting Thursday evening September 3rd and continuing every other week through October 29th, each 90-minute session will allow you to practice skills with support and accountability as you grow in self-awareness about your personal leadership style. 

Like a carpenter, practice equips us to hone our skills and discover the spiritual connection to one’s craft. This process transforms the dreaded task of asking for money into a craft.

The five session are: 

Session 1: Money Values: Explore our personal history and relationship with money, biblical foundations, motivations and meanings of money. 

Session 2: Understanding the Donor’s Story and Values: Practice listening and interpersonal skills to discover other’s visions and interests. Explore how personal style impacts listening and empathy. How does self-awareness impact “asking”? 

Session 3: Value Based Asking:  Prioritize donor wishes from what you’ve learned through listening.  Our fears about making the “ask” are based in the notion that it is about us. Crafting conversations about giving that suspend your assumptions and explores the donor’s visions.   What are others already telling us about their values?

Session 4: Practicing the Craft: Review disciplines, rituals and preparation for building professional relationships. Distinguish cultivation from asking and their different roles.  How do we prepare for and practice “asking”?

Session 5:  Sustaining Relationships:  You’ve learned each donor has unique needs for ongoing donor cultivation and relationship building.  Continue to hone your skills and celebrate the spiritual connection to the craft of the “ask”.   

COST: $149 for all sessions
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About the leader(s)

Bonnie Marden

Bonnie I. Marden, MYTE Ministries Founder, Stewardship Practitioner, Campaign Coordinator (INM). She has twenty-five years of experience in congregational leadership and stewardship development and partners with other experienced fundraisers and development specialists. Author of Church Finances for Missional Leaders: Best Practices in Financial Stewardship (2019). Read the reviews on her website.