Bread of Peace- Peace of Bread

Saturday, April 20, 2019 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

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How can we find sacred rest  in our daily lives, and how can we carry this lasting peace into the world? In the rhythms of bread-making, from mixing the dough to breaking the loaf, we find an opportunity for personal reflection and social transformation.
Though the process of bread making might seem complicated, it embodies the beautiful realization of creating order out of chaos. Flour will become airborne, and our hands will always be coated in a dried white crust, but the deeply rich brown tones of the finished loaf and the warm aroma speak to a deeper reality of the rhythm of work, rest, and play.
Join us at Rolling Ridge Retreat and Conference Center as we explore the spiritual dimensions of bread-making and how it can enrich not only our relationship with the Divine, but also with and among one another.

About the leader(s)

Christy Wright

Inspired by a deep love for bringing all people to the Table, Christy Wright is excited to be able to provide an opportunity for reflection at the intersection of food and faith at Rolling Ridge Retreat and Conference Center. As a recent graduate of Boston University’s School of Theology with her Masters of Divinity, she is the co-creator and co-host of a podcast on food, the sacred, and ordinary moments of extraordinary belonging, Fully Yours ( Christy’s love of food, writing, and important conversations inclusive of all people is heavily indebted to Simple Church (, a farm-to-table dinner church where she first encountered the power of hospitality around the Table.  Many thanks to Rolling Ridge for this opportunity, and to Pastor Zach Kerzee and Pastor LyAnna Johnson of Simple Church.