Hope United

2020 will be a year that lives in infamy. Because of the pandemic, Rolling Ridge has lost all guest group income since mid-March, and with cancellations due to ongoing fears of COVID, we project a year of virtually no revenue outside of donations, personal retreats, and programming fees. The financial implications are serious.

We are launching HOPE UNITED as a sustaining pledge program to provide monthly financial support to help the Ridge pay its bills during these uncertain times. We are asking that you consider uniting with others and making a monthly pledge of $10, $25, or other gift with all donations going directly to Rolling Ridge in support of our staff and our programs. Our goal is to have 100 individual pledges by end of this year.


We may be facing challenging times as a ministry, but we believe that the best is still before us. We need your support to get through this pandemic as we wait for groups to feel confident and safe in again reserving these beautiful grounds for onsite group retreats. It will take time for our business and finances to be fully restored, but your monthly pledge (or your one time gift) will give us the financial confidence we need.

While we do not know what our rental guest group income will look like in 2021, in the coming year, Rolling Ridge still plans to launch new core programming -- Rolling Ridge on the Road and Way of the Heart to strengthen our missional spiritual companionship training, Gateways to God, leading to new programs to empower thriving congregations, thriving companions, and thriving ministry in the borderlands. 

As Rolling Ridge lives into its mission as an adult retreat center, we believe that everyone is called to new life in Christ, and that through contemplative living, spiritual transformation, spiritual companionship, and Spirit-led ministries are possible, no matter what your age.  Life-changing encounters with God are not limited to a week at summer camp with a youth group!

Your monthly pledge and sustaining gift will allow us to awaken lives to God and transform communities with love.  At Rolling Ridge, we believe you are never too old to be spiritually renewed! If the Ridge has blessed you, please make a gift to our ministry so that the blessing can continue and this sacred place will be here for future generations.

Thank you for your support.

(click above for a video message from Executive Director, Lawrence Jay)