Spiritual Direction Training

>Spiritual Direction Training

Rolling Ridge offers a full array of spiritual direction training for New England, based in North Andover, MA.  Gateways to God is our foundational training in missional spiritual direction, offered in a two-year cohort program with 6 training retreats.  Our next cohort is scheduled to launch in 2021.  Along with our basic Gateways program, Rolling Ridge is now offering advanced training in missional spiritual direction through our Advanced Gateways program, which is a one-year cohort program with 3 training retreats.  The next cohort is scheduled to launch in spring of 2021.  Dr. Heidi Miller from Pfeiffer University serves as the faculty instructor for both of our training programs.  Along with our spiritual direction training through Gateways, Rolling Ridge also provides spiritual direction supervision through our Insight program, which is a monthly group for spiritual directors.  The group renews their commitment annually, following a calendar year.  Finally, Rolling Ridge offers spiritual direction enrichment days so that those who provide spiritual companioning can continue to hone their listening skills in being present to their directees.