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Pray and Paddle: A Kayaking/Canoeing Ministry of Rolling Ridge.  Located on Lake Cochichewick, we offer a contemplative/ meditative paddling experience. Lake Cochichewick is a beautiful 565 acre natural body of water and the ancestral home of the Pennacook, who call it Cochichewick, which means ‘cascading water’. It now serves as a reservoir for the town of North Andover. As a reservoir there are no motorized boats and limited development along the shore. The result is a lake that lends itself to quiet, reflection and renewal.

Pray and Paddle approaches paddling as a contemplative/ meditative practice. A time to slow down and paddle in silence.

The invitation is to listen and notice what is going on within and around you. All religious traditions teach that in cultivating silence and living in the moment, we are most apt to hear and experience the Divine.