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Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way on purpose, with awareness and without judgment.  Since the scientific evidence has come out over the last decade on the benefits of Mindfulness, there is a lot of buzz around this word.  Knowing, or thinking we know what Mindfulness means is good, however, experiencing ways of learning how to cultivate this into our daily lives brings a whole new way of living in the present moment.  So, how can one be more mindful in today’s culture of “Just Doing”?   

Come join Marie Rudzinsky in this 3-part series on Mindfulness Tools learning how to “Just Be”  

Marie will lead Mindfulness Practices showing us how to cultivate good habits of practicing more mindfulness in our everyday life.
" A Taste of " Mindful Eating will be offered at NO CHARGE on 4/13 from 10am-11:30pm as an online retreat. We will explore ways of enjoying our food in a different way with appreciation instead of just eating without evening knowing we are eating.  Register here

Mindful Walking  on 5/11/20 will get the body moving with appreciation for our feet which we never even think about, who walk us around each and every day whenever and wherever we ask them to bring us. (as of 4/6/20, this Day Apart Retreat is still scheduled on-site at Rolling Ridge from 9:30am-3:30pm.)
Mindful communication on 6/8/20 will bring awareness to reactive relationship triggers and, teach us how to notice when these show up allowing us to respond in a different way.  
(as of 4/6/20, this Day Apart Retreat is still scheduled on-site at Rolling Ridge from 9:30am-3:30pm.)

These daily practices will help us be more aware of what we are doing, where we are going and, possibly questioning ourselves internally, getting to know ourselves just a bit more in a compassionate, friendly way.  After all, we are all on our own journey, stuck inside this human condition, interconnected in this thing we call Life, so why not be aware and enjoy it just a bit more?  It has been said that people who take the time “To Be” a bit more mindful in their life, get more done with less stress and more happiness.  Come join Marie for one or all of these 3-part series on Mindfulness Tools.  Register at www.rollingridge.org

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Marie Rudzinsky

Marie has been studying, practicing and living mindfully for over 10 years.  She has helped many people with MS, and runs mindfulness programs at Lake Quanapowitt in Wakefield, MA and surrounding areas.  As a retreat facilitator, Marie  will guide ...