Discover the beauty of your pearls within

Many of us move into our teens and twenties with dreams and visions of how we expect life to go and we go after particular goals expecting them to lead us into the fulfillment of life. Then our real stories begin to unfold... and we live into and through experiences that can cripple us and we may go down the path that makes us cynical and pessimistic or we may choose the other path that leads us into our inner growth where we learn the ways of love and compassion and live into a very different life.
Please join us on March 26 from your various life journeys and help us create a group in which we can pause and reflect on our journeys.  During this day,
  • - we will spend time in meditation and then do a life review of some of our own key experiences -
  • -discern which experiences have shaped or directed you and you haven't realized it before and you may want to let them go and focus on others?
  • -discover the treasures, the gifts that are now being revealed which can open the ways for healing and lead to a more soul satisfying way of living. 
You may seen some of them as negative and detrimental experiences, but through mediation and reflection and looking through a new lens, you can learn to see what was waiting to be 'seen' and take it forward with you.  Give yourself the gift of this day and discover the beauty of your own pearls within.

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Lee Ireland

Rev. Lee A. Ireland is a full-time Interim Pastor.  She was trained as a pastor at Andover Newton Theological Seminary and trained as a Spiritual Director at Mercy Center, Madison, CT.  Since 1990, she has been leading retreats and serving churches. ...