Writing your Sacred Story: Listening to What your Own Life Can Teach You

As a very wise friend of mine says, each of us has an unseen story to tell. She says that unearthing and writing about these unseen stories is like developing an old-fashioned photo negative in a darkroom. It slowly takes form on a blank page, gradually revealing hidden truths to us. The process is slow and doesn’t happen before it is time. The image must be allowed to emerge before being taken from the dark into the light to be framed.

In my upcoming spiritual writing workshop, “Writing Your Sacred Story: Listening to What Your Own Life Can Teach You,” we will be exploring these hidden stories of our lives. We will be using writing as a tool to help us reflect on any number of truths revealed through concrete experiences and relationships. If words like “Ephiphany” – as in a sudden, intuitive perception of deeper meaning – and “Ecstatic Union” – as in unity with the Divine element of the universe – don’t sound like anything that has happened in your one ‘ordinary’ life of going to the dentist, grocery shopping and paying bills, I encourage you to think again.

And when you do, you may want to sign up for my workshop. Make sure you bring along paper and pens. You have a lot to say. Writing some of it down just may offer you a much finer focus on your life than ever before. 

Please Note: This workshop is open to people of faith, or no discernible faith. No special writing talent is needed. Just patience and a willingness to write, share and listen to one another’s stories



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Barbara Bodengraven

B.R. Bodengraven, author of “The Sacred Shed on the Edge of the Ravine,” holds a Master of Theological Studies from Weston Jesuit School of Theology and a certificate in Youth and Young Adult Ministry from the Boston Theological Institute. She has ...