Historic Fletcher Steele Garden

The historic, award winning landscape design at Rolling Ridge was created by renowned landscape architect, Fletcher Steele.  Steele began his work in 1915, creating a winding drive through native hemlocks and over rolling hills towards the classic Georgian estate designed by architect, Andrew Hepburn. Open vistas gave guests several views of Lake Cochichewick. The dominating piece was a long bowling green, flanked by vibrant rhododendrons from light pink to violet, leading to a 25 foot circular pool that overflowed into 3 cascading fountains, inspired by European gardens.
Beyond the fountain, two curved staircases with angel bas reliefs lead to a series of smaller shell fountains towards a veranda and boathouse (which burned in 1980) that now serves as a private picnic area overlooking the lake. One-half mile of shore trails gave guests tranquil spots to see heron, sunsets, and the gentle waves of the lake. The estate was awarded the H.H. Hunnewell Medal from the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in 1935. Although the fountain is no longer operational, the classic beauty of Steele's design remains as renovation and restoration of the grounds continue.

If you are interested in supporting restoration of the Flethcher Steele Gardens and Fountain at Rolling Ridge, contact Executive Director, Lawrence Jay at lawrence.jay@rollingridge.org.