Tune in, Tune up! The Healing Power of Sound

Wednesday, September 13, 2023 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

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When the instruments of the orchestra are in tune, the symphony sounds glorious. 

When your system – made up of an orchestra of physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual elements – is in tune, you move through life harmoniously, aligned, with ease. 

The healing power of sound helps you tune in to your deepest self. It then helps you tune up to the vibration that creates your best, most harmonious life. 

Join us for a day of exploration through healing instruments including: drums, rattles, Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks. 

Discover which vibrations/instruments resonate most strongly with you. 

Learn simple techniques for using these instruments.

Experience these instruments’ power to heal and transform your system. 

Re-calibrated, you’ll return to your life humming with wellness and well-being! 

Cost: $79 for the day including lunch

About the leader(s)

Janet Kessenich

Janet Kessenich, M.M. leads thoughtful, interactive, experiential workshops and retreats that connect participants with what brings meaning, purpose, satisfaction and empowerment into their lives. A holistic sound and energy healer, Janet uses the essence of music – calibrated vibration – with clients and workshop participants to in a sense, tune them to their most aligned way of being. Her Tune Up Your Spirit workshops are based on her book, Music Lessons for the Spirit, a collection of essays drawn from the spiritual/life lessons she learned as a pianist. www.spiralenergies.com