Original Blessing Online Book Study

Monthly on the 1st Sunday 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM

Join us for an 8 session deep dive into Matthew Fox's critically acclaimed classic, Original Blessing beginning Sunday, February 6 from 3:00 to 4:30 pm.  We'll meet ONLINE on the first and third Sundays (excluding Easter) through June 5th.

Original Blessing, a primer in creation spirituality, was named one of the "20 books that changed the world" with maverick theologian Matthew Fox, showing how Christianity once celebrated beauty, compassion, justice, and provided a path of positive knowledge and ecstatic connection with all creation.

Fox believes that the teaching of original sin—which Jesus never heard of (no Jew has) --- has served empire-builders very well, but that original blessing—the awareness of the goodness of creation—must take precedence.  The implications are profound for psychological as well as sociological and ecological transformation.  The sacredness of creation and of our role in it is a starting point—what the mystical tradition calls the Via Positiva.  This path of joy and delight, awe and gratitude is followed by the Via Negativa, the path of darkness and silence and also of suffering and of letting go and letting be.  The third path, the Via Creativa is the path of creativity, with the Via Transformativa finally being the path of justice and compassion.  All four paths constitute an adult spiritual journey.  Each feeds the others, with 27 themes that interweave among the Four Paths. 

Yes, it can be confusing, but our study will bring clarity and inspiration as we dive deep together as a community.  Sandra LaPerche will be joining Rolling Ridge Director, Larry Jay, to facilitate our discussion.  

The schedule:
- February 6 = Preface, Intro, Appendices, and Path 1:1
- Feb 20 = Path 1:2-5
- March 6 = Path 1:6-10
- March 20  = Path 2:11-14
- April 3 = Path 3:15-17
- April 17 (Easter) 
- May 1 = Path 3:18-20
- May 15 = Path 4:21-23
- June 5 = Path 4:24-26

While there is no charge for this book study, your generous donation will allow Rolling Ridge to continue offering spiritual opportunities to encourage and support those who are seeking a touch of the Divine during these challenging times.  Thank you for your support and partnership in this important work.

About the leader(s)

Lawrence Jay

As the Executive Director of Rolling Ridge, Rev. Dr. Lawrence Jay works in partnership with the staff to ensure that the guest experience at the Ridge is top quality.  He also partners with retreat leaders to provide excellent programming at the Ridge, and is available to speak about the ongoing ministry and historic mission of Rolling Ridge as a place of rest, retreat, and transformation.  A trained spiritual director and ordained American Baptist pastor, Larry (as he is known by friends) is a graduate of UCLA, Golden Gate Seminary, Franciscan School of Theology, American Baptist Seminary of the West, and the Gateways to God Missional Spiritual Direction Program.  He is also Adjunct Faculty at Merrimack College in the Masters of Spirituality and Spiritual Direction programs.  Eco-spirituality is his passion (and was his doctoral dissertation), encouraging everyone to live into the fullness of our connection with nature, God, and all people.  

Sandra LaPerche

Sandra LaPerche is retired from a career in health care.  She is a volunteer for English at Large and a Stephen Minister.