Living by Heart

Thursday, June 10, 2021 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM

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Do you desire a more balanced, heart-centered way of being?
Are you more in your head than in your heart? 
Is it difficult to access the heart’s message and wisdom? 

The heart is a powerful force which offers guidance, wisdom and love to direct us in our lives. 

Living by heart empowers the heart to be your compass, to point you in the direction of your Essence and the Divine’s intentions for you. In the heart center, you will find the truth, courage, commitment, and love that inform and guide you to live in your best self. You just need to access it. 

In this experiential, interactive ONLINE workshop, we’ll use a tapestry of self-exploration, group discussion, and sound healing to:
•    Explore the heart’s gifts and challenges
•    Heal the heart’s wounds 
•    Learn practices to access your heart’s wisdom: listening, feeling, discerning, taking action
•    Create meaningful intentions to inspire your next steps to live by heart. 

Join me as we dive into a new way of being – Living by Heart! 

Registration Fee: $28 for this ONLINE event.
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About the leader(s)

Janet Kessenich

Janet Kessenich, M.M. leads thoughtful, interactive, experiential workshops and retreats that connect participants with what brings meaning, purpose, satisfaction and empowerment into their lives. A holistic sound and energy healer, Janet uses the essence of music – calibrated vibration – with clients and workshop participants to in a sense, tune them to their most aligned way of being. Her Tune Up Your Spirit workshops are based on her book, Music Lessons for the Spirit, a collection of essays drawn from the spiritual/life lessons she learned as a pianist.