Historic Fletcher Steele Garden Tour with Lunch and Art Show Add-On

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

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Fletcher Steele is recognized as one of the most influential landscape architects of the early twentieth century.  For 60 years Steele practiced landscape architecture as a fine art, designing nearly 700 gardens in his lifetime.  The garden at Rolling Ridge was the first of his creations. Join us for a tour of this historic garden. Although the fountain is no longer in operation and the grounds are being restored, you will discover the visionary genius of Steele as we walk the grounds and appreciate the natural beauty of this 38 acre peninsula along Lake Cochichewick.

Following the complimentary tour, you are invited to extend your stay and join us for a delicious lunch in our beautiful Lakeside Dining Room, which features paintings by local artists.  For those who stay for lunch, an extended art tour of the property is included, which will showcase the eclectic sculptures of Mico Kaufman on the grounds and in the mansion.  Additional registration and fee are required for lunch and the art tour of the Ridge.

Mico Kaufman (1924-2016) was a world renown monumental and numismatic sculptor.  A resident of Tewksbury, Massachusetts, Mico’s life works can be found on four continents, with some of his most inspiring public works in Tewksbury, Lowell, and Rolling Ridge.  

Having endured three years in a  concentration camp during World War II, Mico has said: “If you should notice one of my public sculptures, I would like you to stop and ponder on its subject.  The pause might refresh, inform, and even inspire.  My work reflects on the bonds that substantiate our humanity.”

Fee for lunch and art tour of the Ridge: $35

Pre-Registration required for both Grounds tour as well as luncheon and art-tour.