Emerging Women

Thursday, September 10, 2020 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

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Have you ever had the chance to watch a caterpillar create a cocoon and eventually emerge as a
butterfly?  Whether you recognize it or not, our personal transformation can be just as profound.  And for women of the 21st Century, the changes we've experienced and are experiencing today are creating a new thing that many are just beginning to realize.

Come and explore what have become known as common rites of passage for women in their journeys of life. This time together is meant to be informative, not a magical experience to resolve what you may be facing at this time in your life or to answer your life’s goals. The time together can help you recognize that you’re not alone in experiencing some of your emotions, doubts, and concerns on your journey. You will discover that as you ask those questions that won’t go away, they are actually calling you deeper into your journey of self-discovery.  Bring your stories and your journals and your desire to explore.  May you give yourself the gift of this time to learn and listen and discern what is unfolding in your own story with renewed trust in who you are.

About the leader(s)

Lee Ireland

 Rev. Lee A. Ireland is a long-time Interim Pastor. having served in many churches in CT and now in Rowley, MA.  She received her M.Div from Andover Newton Theological Seminary and trained as a Spiritual Director at Mercy Center, Madison, CT.   She has worked in a women's prison and has served per diem as a hospital chaplain. Since 1990, she has had the joy of leading retreats. She is well aware of how life throws us curve balls and we can become distracted from our soul's journey and focus on those things that lead us down dead-ends.  We begin to regain wonder and gratitude as we chose to take retreats and learn how to listen within so we can stay on our faith journeys and receive guidance from God and hear our heart and souls singing in unexpected moments.  We then make new life choices that bring us greater peace within.