Conflict as a means of Grace

Thursday, July 12, 2018 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

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While we interpret conflict as a force the  divides people, conflict actually creates a tight bond between  individuals, sometimes trapping them in emotional straightjackets and limiting their perceptions and vision.  Those who we  are in conflict with can wound us in ways strangers cannot but  they can also become agents of our healing and reconciliation.  This is conflict transformation which allows us to see the sacred  in each person even when we still disagree.  In this Day Apart,  you will learn conflict transformation skills and raise your  awareness of your own vulnerabilities and need for God’s  support and guidance as you learn deep listening and empathy  with others.  When we understand conflict as an invitation to  grow closer to God and to each other, we transform conflict  from a destructive force into a means of grace. 

About the leader(s)

Bonnie Marden

Bonnie I. Marden, MYTE Ministries Founder, Stewardship Practitioner, Campaign Coordinator (INM). She has twenty-five years of experience in congregational leadership and stewardship development and partners with other experienced fundraisers and development specialists. Author of Church Finances for Missional Leaders: Best Practices in Financial Stewardship (2019). Read the reviews on her website.