Caring for Ourselves and Others: Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 Training

Daily 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

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We often sideline self-care, prioritizing others before ourselves. During this challenging and stressful time, self-care is even more critical than ever.  Ironically, if we do not develop a regular practice of self-care, our capacity to support others is diminished and ultimately, unsustainable.  Research tells us that caregivers/care partners are at risk for a decline in their own health and well-being, sometimes even dying before those they care for because of caregiving stress. The truest way to serve others is to remain strong by protecting our immune system by reducing our stress. This way, we increase our long-term capacity to support our loved ones and community.  Reiki is a practice that gives us the tools to help us do, just that. 

What is Reiki? Reiki, pronounced, “RAY KEE,” is a relaxation and stress reduction technique now used in many settings throughout the world including hospitals, rehabs, and hospice, as part of integrative medicine. It offers us an enhanced capacity to heal by focusing the whole person’s skills and energy – mind and body.
Testimonials about Reiki’s impact describe increased relaxation, reduced stress and pain, and an overall sense of well-being.  These reports come from individuals living with a wide array of challenges including anxiety, depression and sleep disorders, as well as those recovering from stroke, brain injury, and other trauma.  Join us in learning Reiki’s relaxation techniques that offer the tools for reducing stress and increasing well-being for yourself, and others.

Reiki I Training  
Reiki I offers: an overview of Reiki, including its history; individual attunements; protocols and practice for increased relaxation and stress reduction for yourself and others; and an important sense of community in a group learning experience.  Your training culminates in earning First Degree Reiki Certification.    

Reiki II Training
Reiki II training provides a deeper dive into Reiki. increasing your capacity to use its relaxation technique to care for yourself and others.  Through the mastery of three ancient symbols, you learn how to enhance your self- and in-person Reiki, as well as offer Absent or Distant Reiki to those who are not physically present.  This is especially practical and powerful during this challenging time when we wish to support those we love from a distance. You also receive further attunement, which tremendously sharpens your capacity to care for yourself and others. Your training culminates in earning Second Degree Reiki Certification. 

REGISTRATION FEE : $179 (includes both days)

About the leader(s)

Emily Kearns

Reiki Master, Emily Kearns, PhD, is the founder of Reiki Well-Being and offers Reiki in a variety of settings, including ZOOM and phone calls, in response to living in this challenging time when we need stress reduction, healing, and connection more than ever. Emily offers and teaches Reiki to help you calm your nervous system to increase your capacity to heal yourself and to help others.

Emily has been part of Boston's Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital's Integrative Medicine Program as a Reiki volunteer since 2017.  At the hospital, Emily receives positive feedback from patients, families, and staff, indicating that Reiki is helping them manage stress, anxiety, and pain. 

Emily offers Reiki as a relaxation, wellness, and self-care technique in community sites, such as the YMCA and senior residences, as well as in your home.  She also incorporates Reiki into her dementia-related caregiver supports and programming.  Emily invites you to join her in experiencing, Reiki Well-Being!  For more information, call: 978-604-0830 or email: