New Fall Programming Style

Wednesday, September 2, 2020 12:00 AM to Friday, December 31, 2021 12:00 AM

Like it or not, our lives have been altered and changed due to the COVID pandemic.  At Rolling Ridge, we have faith that what we offer to the world is important, much needed,  and WILL PREVAIL despite gloomy odds and looming queries of vaccines.

Our reality says we need to continue doing what we do, adjusting our sails to fit the current stormy winds.  We hope that you'll find options that fit your individual safety concerns, needs for renewal, and distance boundaries that meet your personal protocols. When it comes to a new way of life, we have a new way for your day.  


Welcome to "A WAY FOR THE DAY".  Your online retreat that offers you three ways to experience it. 

YOU choose how you'd like to experience your online retreat.  Choose from a multitude of topics and dates, and dive into a new way of renewal and rest.  Online retreats begin at 9:30am, and conclude at 3:30pm (unless otherwise indicated).  There's time for your lunchbreak, and time for meditation and prayer.

1. STILL at Home Retreat ($35):  Simply includes admission to the ZOOM "A Way for the Day" retreat of your choosing. (see our lineup here).  Enjoyed from the privacy of your own home. 9:30am-3:30pm.

2. SABBATH at the Ridge Retreat ($59):  Includes the ZOOM "A Way for the Day" retreat of your choosing (see our line-up here), with arrival at Rolling Ridge at 9am, and departure by 4pm.  You choose from the available spaces where in the building you'd like to experience the online retreat, bring your own device (tablet, laptop, or smartphone), bring your bag-lunch.  We'll provide the safe clean space and beverage service. Make yourself comfortable.  Enjoy the grounds of Rolling Ridge in your free time, and the unlimited peace and tranquility of the property. Please note, masks and all COVID restrictions apply. Click here for COVID protocols and requirements. 9:30am-3:30pm

3. SANCTUARY Overnight Retreat ($99 for 24 hours) :  CHOOSE BETWEEN TWO OPTIONS:

A) You can arrive the day BEFORE your chosen "A Way for the day" on-line retreat (see our line-up here) at 4pm, Bring your own meals, linens, and towels, stay in a private guest room, enjoy your online retreat the next day, and depart after lunch by 4pm.  

B) Arrive the morning of your chosen "A Way for the Day" on-line retreat (see our line-up here) at 9am, Bring your own meals, linens, and towels, stay in a private guest room that evening, and depart the following morning by 9am.

Please note:  ALL COVID PROTOCOLS and restrictions must be adhered to.  Masks and social distancing are required.  Read our COVID protocols here

Meal Package add on available: $40
Linen Package add on available: $15

STILL NEED EXPLANATION?  WATCH THIS VIDEO as Danny Smith, Director of Operations explains.