A Pandemic Pilgrimage: Calling Forth Our Truth

Weekly on Saturday 9:30 AM to Saturday, August 22, 2020 11:00 AM

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“…go on pilgrimage. The outward journey may be an inward one. Find out where the other seekers are.”
-- On Pilgrimage, by Jennifer Lash [p. 28]

Pilgrimage is about inner transformation through journeying. With many of us venturing no further than our own back porches or apartments for months, is this even still a possibility? Using the traditional sequence of pilgrimage, Barb Bodengraven, author and retreat leader, will guide us through three sessions with writing prompts, shared content, and discussion to help us discover the truth of who we are becoming as we journey through this pandemic.

This is not a writing workshop, per se, but a retreat using writing to help us on the spiritual journey. There are no rules except to be open to the experience.

FIRST SESSION: Priming the Pump
SECOND SESSION: Jumping into the Deep End
THIRD (FINAL) SESSION: Re-membering; Living out Your Truth

There is NO CHARGE for this writing workshop, however donations are graciously accepted to assist us amidst the COVID19 shutdown, and to help the ongoing ministry and mission of Rolling Ridge.  Thank you. 

About the leader(s)

Barbara Bodengraven

Barbara R. Bodengraven, MTS, Weston Jesuit School of Theology, is the author of the spiritual memoir and eco-spirituality manifesto, The Sacred Shed on the Edge of the Ravine. As a spiritual writing program facilitator and communications professional, she is dedicated to advancing matters of spirituality in a secular world.