The Paschal Mystery

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

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The creative process parallels the Paschal Mystery.   We start with a passion for an idea or image. We descend into the struggle of birthing that work. Finally, we declare, “It is finished,” and there is something entirely new. This Day Apart Retreat will provide an opportunity to take that Paschal journey exploring our own creative spirits. The journey will be facilitated by Steve Mills, painter, songwriter, and scientist, and his wife, Donna, painter, hand analyst, and certified creativity coach.
Each session will begin with the time-honored tradition of Lectio Divina—reading and reflecting on a short scriptural passage. The Lectio experience will be enhanced by Visio Divina—incorporating reflections on one of Steve’s paintings based on the same scriptural passage. Finally, we will let the Holy Spirit move us into our own forms of creative expression (written or visual), with the option of discussing our insights and sharing our work. Some art materials will be provided, but feel free to bring your own. 
We invite you to this very special Passion Week Day Apart.

About the leader(s)

Steve & Donna Mills

Steve Mills  is an artist, writer, songwriter, and scientist, and has worked on many space cameras imaging the Earth and the universe. 

Steve believes that science can and should be just as creative as the arts. In his paintings he prefers classical archetypes drawn from stories in the bible or mythology. He projects these stories into the modern world, with today’s social issues—race, gender and economics.

Donna Mills holds several coaching certifications — Kaizen-Muse™, ARTbundance©, and FranklinCovey©. She is also a certified hand analyst. Donna provides a safe space for her clients to explore their purpose and work through their creative blocks. She believes that beauty and creativity are part of our spiritual blueprint, and seeks to express those gifts in her own life through painting, sewing, writing, and connecting with others in meaningful ways.