Down to Earth Spirituality: Living the Great Work in our Generation

Saturday, April 27, 2019 9:30 AM

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Thomas Berry reminds us    that we are called to do the Great Work of our generation. We find ourselves in a critical moment when our religious traditions must awaken again to the natural world as the primary manifestation of the divine.  Science has given us a story of a time-developmental universe in which humans are related to all other forms of life, but this has not yet penetrated into our religious and spiritual consciousness.
According to Berry, the Earth is the source of our spiritual energy, which needs to be expressed in a nurturing and healing mode. Earth itself is endowed with an innate spirituality. We therefore need a spirituality grounded in the biological process of the planet.
During our day together we will explore the implications of Earth spirituality. The day will include teachings, reflection questions, dialogue, ritual, and quiet time in nature.
"We will only protect what we love, and we will only love that which we regard as sacred."
  -Thomas Berry, Geologean

About the leader(s)

Norman Comtois

Rev. Norman Comtois,  OMI, MA  is a member of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate.   His experience in Pastoral Counseling, Intentional Eucharistic Communities, and Renewal programs for women religious continues to inform his ministry as a current retreat director.  In the year 2000, Norman completed an Earth Literacy program at Genesis Farm, Blairstown, New Jersey. Since then he has devoted his interest and education toward developing retreats and courses that bring the Universe Story to life in a spiritually  meaningful way. He also serves as team member and consultant for La Vista Ecological Learning Center.
Father Norm encourages those attending his presentations and retreats to ponder the wisdom of their religious traditions in the context of the Story of the Universe.