Cultivating Inner Peace in an Agitated World

Monday, April 2, 2018 12:00 AM

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Peace seems so  needed  yet remains so elusive in our world today. As women in an increasingly complex world, how can we cultivate peace in our lives? How can we allow peace to soothe our inner state? How can we work with what blocks our capacity to bring peace more fully into our lives and the world around us? 
In this Day Apart retreat, join other curious women in gentle exploration, reflection and sharing as we cultivate our understanding and experience of inner peace in our souls. You will come away refreshed and with a deeper experience of the potential true peace can bring to yourself and the world.

About the leader(s)

Monique Morimoto

Monique Morimoto MS, CPCC, supports her clients to discover, embrace and manifest the deepest truth of who they really are.  Her clients learn to love themselves more completely and bring the powerful potential of that love more fully into their personal and professional lives.