Spiritual Leadership from Abundance

Thursday, May 17, 2018 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

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As spiritual leaders, we live  and work in a world that is often driven by fear and lack– what our congregations don’t have– what our culture doesn’t provide, doesn’t embrace.  The challenge is that while we live and work in a culture of scarcity and fear, the Gospel calls us to so much more.  The Gospel of Jesus calls us to live and lead from a place of abundance.
In this Day Apart Retreat, we will spend time with the abundance of God and even deeper, with the God of Abundance.  Through time in individual prayer and group reflection, participants will come away with renewed vigor and sense of mission grounded in the abundant goodness that God has in store for all people.

About the leader(s)

Henry Schoenfield

Henry Schoenfield   is an ordained minister, certified professional coach, and spiritual director.  With a background in health care chaplaincy, his work focuses on helping people in seasons of transition to draw upon their deepest resources for coming alive in the present.  He has been studying and integrating mindfulness practice in his work for over ten years.